Client Testimonials from Providers using ROI+

"The ROI+ system has modernized and streamlined our ROI fulfillment process. The volume of inbound requestor calls has dropped significantly since we started with DIT as our outsource service company. Many of our requests can be fulfilled without scanning the paper chart because the ROI+ system can import electronic documents, stored in the MedXpress online repository, directly into the release workflow. DIT has also been able to provide customized reporting and tracking features for our HIM department. I appreciate the advanced release technology incorporated into ROI+ and the frequent updates of additional feature/functionality."
~ Robert Lowe II RHIA, HCRM - Director of Health Information Management, Onslow Memorial Hospital

"Fulfilling requests for patient charts used to take days and even weeks to complete and it was impossible to monitor our procedural effectiveness and compliance. Now that we are utilizing the ROI+ product all requests are now processed from our NextGen EMR system within the same day. Central Texas Heart Center has now achieved a huge reduction in the costly and labor intensive process of faxing and mailing documents to requestors while dramatically increasing ROI revenue dollars. The ROI+ activity audit log has afforded us absolute HIPAA compliance in fulfilling requests. Finally, ROI+ provides us with a ready-made solution to meeting Meaningful Use core and menu set requirements for providing electronic information to patients in a secure manner without investing in a patient portal."
~ Tom Walker, MHA, CMPE - Texas Central Heart Center

"In the rapidly evolving digital era, ABT Global, Inc. stepped in and simplified our busy day and has done it in a way that was all that we hoped for and so much more than we expected. ROI+ has streamlined our process of submitting medical records to insurance companies by allowing us to merely send the carrier a one page cover sheet that allows them to go online to view, print and store the requested medical record that is, at times, 300+ pages in size. The ROI+ system has quite literally saved hours of staff time at the fax and, as an added bonus, allows us to verify when the carrier has received and viewed the requested medical records. Priceless..."
~ Leigh Wieda, Program Administrator, MedCenter Work Recovery, LLC, San Antonio, TX

“ABT Global scanned all of our inactive patient files in a high quality, timely and cost effective manner. Those scanned patient files were loaded into the ABT ROI+ web cloud to provide secure access to those patient files anytime, anywhere we need to reference them. ROI+ enables my practice to fulfill ROI requests seamlessly from any of our health record repositories thereby eliminating the cost and effort to fax or mail patient records to requesting entities. Technology is a powerful tool to reduce cost, increase revenue and profit, and meet the growing demands of current and future compliance obligations. ROI+ technology has proven to be an effective tool to eliminate paper files and reclaim costly primary office space and in combination with our EMR system provide a total patient records solution. ROI+ is another essential component in our technology inventory that enables us to meet “Meaningful Use” requirements for providing electronic information to patients securely while exceeding all HIPAA compliance requirements."
~ Mark Florian, MD - Internal Medicine

"ROI+ has dramatically reduced the time and effort required to process incoming requests for Patient Information.  ROI+ has eliminated the time, effort and cost previously involved in selecting requested information, making prints, faxing or packaging and mailing the prints.  ROI+ enables us to upload the requested Patient Information from our eClinicalWorks EMR system, in digital format, to the ROI+ Requestor website where Requestors can conveniently access the Invoice and the Patient Information once the Invoice has been paid.  ROI+ is easy, quick and exceeds all HIPAA compliance requirements.  The free forty-five day trial period made for and easy decision to determine if ROI+ would delivery real benefits to our practice.  ROI+ is now an integral component in our practice management technology."
~ Maria Gibson Office Administrator - Remon Fino, MD

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