• Aggregates Roi Content Into A Single digital File
  • ROI Content Review And Categorization Tool
  • Easy “File Browse” Module to Attach EMR/EHR content
  • Realtime/Color Coded Activity Status Tracking For Both Provider and Requestor
  • Configurable ROI Fee Tables To Match Each Providers Specific Needs
  • Provider Managed Security Administration Module Requestor Validation And Registration
  • Detailed Audit Logs For Full HIPAA Compliance Tracking
  • ROI Fulfillment Notification Broadcasting
  • Invoicing, AR Collection And Payment Notation Modules
  • Ad Hoc Electronic “Sticky Notes”
  • New And Highly Innovative Software Service Designed Specifically To Automate Releases Of Information (ROI) Processing
  • The First And Only Product That Enables Providers To Leverage Maximum Revenue Recognition From ROI Fulfillment Activities
  • Stores All ROI Fulfillment Content In Perpetuity To Satisfy Both Legal And Audit Requirements At No Additional Cost
  • Single Level Pricing per ROI Transaction Event
  • Requires No Hardware, Software or Capital Investment
  • Implementation Effort Begins And Ends With Availability Of An Internet Access Point

Pasted Graphic 3Sample Requestor Portal ViewPasted Graphic 3Sample Audit File
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