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There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. ~ John F. Kennedy

Requires Requestors to go to a secure Web portal to review PHI content Access to the Requestor portal requires authorization and authentication procedures assists Providers to determine that Requesters are legitimate entities and entitled to receive PHI. Unlike any other ROI software tracking modules, ROI+ actually monitors when a Requestor opens a PHI document and what content in the PHI document was viewed.

Maintains a perpetual audit log of all ROI processing activities including:
When the original request was received by the Provider
• Who processed the request
• When the request was completed
• When the Requestor was notified of availability
• When the PHI was reviewed by the Requestor
• What portion of the PHI content was viewed
• What fees were charged
• What fees were collected

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PHI transfers occur through a secure Web portal, eliminating the chance for lost, misplaced, or stolen information perpetuated by paper generation through fax or mail. ROI+ maintains a six (6) year repository of all PHI content and ROI fulfillment records to provide confirmation of correct processing in the eventuality of questions about HIPAA compliance or to mitigate any other contingent liability. Because Requester access is limited to the ROI+ Web portal and viewing of PHI by the Requestor is tracked, “transfer of custody” can be legally established User ID, passwords, and encrypted technology reduce the risk of ID theft, hacking, or theft. The ROI+ audit log allows for accurate identification of any staff member suspected of unauthorized use or release.

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