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New Game Changer for Release of Information

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.”  ~Bill Gates

ROI+ is the only truly automated workflow software solution for processing requests for release of patient medical information (PHI). Healthcare providers and ROI service companies are encumbered with fragmented and labor intensive fulfillment methodology. Most use a combination of Fax, Mail, Overnight delivery and limited Web delivery options. ROI+ is the only solution that utilizes secure Web portal access for Requestor access to request activity 100% of the time. ROI+ is the only solution that verifies with absolute certainty that the Requestor has received the ROI documents, opened and viewed the documents while tracking which portion of the documents have been viewed. ROI+ requires less than half of the staff currently utilized by Healthcare providers and ROI service companies to fulfill any given volume of ROI requests.

The processing of ROI requests related to disability claims is one of the most voluminous fulfillment activities with the lowest fee schedule for billable ROI events. Approximately 20% to 30% of all billable ROI requests are for disability claims.
ROI+ incorporates an ERE-WS (Electronic Records Express Web Services (EREWS) as a solution is to provide SSA with a high volume Internet transport to receive electronic evidence from SSA’s business partners, leveraging the Internet and associated industry standard protocols) processing module to eliminate any need to fax, mail, or logon to ERE to delivery disability request fulfillments. ROI+ is the only seamless delivery hub, in the USA, for processing disability. The ROI+ / ERE-WS module not only delivers disability request fulfillment content seamlessly but ensures that all disability fee payments are posted to the ROI+ client's ERE account automatically.

ROI+ has streamlined and automated every step necessary to facilitate ROI fulfillment while exceeding all HIPAA compliance requirements. ROI+ enables users to verify Requestors, track fulfillment status, collect all specified content in a digital format, correctly invoice and deliver ROI content through a secure web portal to requesting entities. ROI+ Web delivery eliminates the burdensome, costly and time consuming tasks of printing, mailing and faxing patient information.

ROI+ utilizes an innovative color coded workflow monitoring system that provides an instant visual indicator marking the progress of each step in the ROI fulfillment process - RED = Logged, ORANGE = PHI collection in progress, GREEN = PHI collection completed, BROWN = Requestor has been notified of request fulfillment, BLUE = Requestor has accessed the ROI+ Requestor Portal and viewed the patient's PHI.

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No other company provides the fulfillment efficiency, permanent historical view, detailed audit trail and HIPAA compliance that
ROI+ brings to our Healthcare provider and ROI service company clients.

Sample ROI+ User Interface Screen
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