Bringing Innovation to Healthcare

One Third of Hospitals in the USA will close by 2020

“What hospitals are about to enter is the place Americans cherish: the open competitive market. We know what happens in this environment. There are winners and losers.”  ~David Houle & Jonathan Fleece

MEDXPRESS - Web Hosting of Medical Records
Find out why MedXpress has grown rapidly to become the single largest repository of medical records in the USA. These overlap of complex search criteria and a simple file folder presentation, in the same single screen view, is why MedXpress is the most frequently chosen solution for hosting, retrieving and viewing scanned medical records. Storing legacy medical records on the MedXpress web platform is a more cost effective alternative to storing PHI on an EMR/EHR system. MedXpress is priced on a low monthly subscription rate basis combined with a one time on boarding cost for each record that provides for a minimum of five (5) years of online access. No capital expenditures, no license fees, no contracts, no maintain fees, and free 24X7 support.

Sample MedXpress User Interface Screen
Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 12.35.35 PM

ROI+ - Automating the Release of Records Process
ROI+ is the most advanced software specifically designed to automate the cumbersome and labor intensive ROI fulfillment process. ROI+ reduces the number of FTE currently used by both providers and ROI outsourcing service company by over 50%. ROI+ web delivery eliminates costly faxing and mailing distribution costs while providing an unparalleled level of HIPAA compliance to both the Provider and the Requestor communities. Every step of each ROI fulfillment transaction event is stored in an audit log file to enable the generation of very detailed production reports so as to monitor staff productivity and fulfillment timeframes. Some of the key benefits of ROI+ are:

  • Logging of Requests
  • Verification of both Patient and Requestor Information
  • Request Rejection Reason Codes Template
  • Aggregation of PHI from multiple Provider based repositories
  • Color Coded Work Flow Process Indicators
  • Compatible with all EMR/EHR systems
  • Automated Loading of Page Counts into the ROI+ Invoice
  • Automated Requestor Fulfillment Notification by Fax or Email
  • Six (6) Year Storage of Requested PHI
  • Requestor Portal for Secure Access to Requested PHI

Sample ROI+ User Interface Screen
Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 2.40.40 PM